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The Shemale Myth

Being on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has a massive effect on your physiology and especially in the beginning can be quite an emotional rollercoaster as your body tries to adjust from one kind of hormone to another. Especially one as vital and defining as sex hormones.

Beyond the physical changes that incur there are a lot of potential side-effects that come with it. Some more severe than others, and the severity will vary from person to person, but practically everyone on HRT will experience them to some degree. In this writing I will mainly talk about the impact on sexuality and the (in)ability to have a good sex life while going over some of the more common misconceptions that live in the cisgender (i.e.: not trans) world’s mind.

Pretty much everyone is aware of transsexual porn, but porn is obviously not reality nor an accurate representation thereof, so I will try and explain a bit as to what really happens to your sexual bits while on HRT.

While on HRT you will generally be put on both estrogen and anti-androgens. The latter being more commonly referred to as testosterone blockers. Testosterone is one of the main ingredients when it comes to sexual arousal in both men and women, though with women it is a bit more complicated.

Taking out testosterone will likely severely impact your sex drive. Many trans women report a virtually non-existent libido after HRT. To overcome this not only your body will have to get adjusted to the new hormone levels, but your mind as well. It is no big secret that the key to a woman’s arousal is in her brain. Mental stimulation plays a much bigger role for women than it does for men, who can practically get an erection at the drop of a hat.

If you actually manage to get an erection the next issue arises: maintaining it.

This is something that is often far more difficult for trans women than it is for cis men. We will need to keep mentally stimulated or it will simply go flaccid again. While physical stimulation can be nice, it is rarely enough like it usually is for cis men. Not only that, but even if you manage to maintain your erection it will probably not be as it used to be. The lack of testosterone will also impact the stiffness and size. It will appear smaller than before. Though it did not actually shrink, it will seem like it has. The testicles do shrink, however.

Even the feel and texture and smell of it will change. It will become softer and far more sensitive. This can be a good thing unless you become overstimulated which may have ‘painful’ results.

It is much more practical to view a trans woman’s penis as a vagina. A lot of rewiring goes on in the brain while on HRT and this includes how you will respond to physical genital interaction. This makes sense as both men and women’s genitals are made from the same material, it has only developed in a different configuration, and during sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) they are reconfigured to the proper state.

Still, if you manage all this, the orgasm(s) you can obtain are nothing short of spectacular! It is incomparable to that of a cis male orgasm and will likely leave you with warm, fuzzy feelings for quite some time.

…And maybe drool a little bit as your body wriggles and squirms out of pure satisfaction.

Oh, and just to throw it out there: No, we can’t cum on your face. Ejaculation becomes practically impossible after a few months of HRT as we don’t generate any new spermatozoa.

So how do those porn stars do it with seemingly such relative ease and no apparent side-effects?

Well, as stated before, porn is not reality. Usually they will be limiting their hormone intake, maybe even stopping for weeks on end to counteract the side-effects. (It is really not a healthy thing to switch around your dominant sex hormones on a regular basis.) They will also take sexual supplements such as Viagra to be able to get and maintain an erection.

Virtually all of them only do it for the money to be able to afford surgery which can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on which state or country you live in. I only know of one trans woman who stayed in porn after genital surgery. Though her popularity decreased significantly.

It is important to note that this writing is directed at pre-op & non-op trans women who would like to keep using their penis while on HRT and at the same time being somewhat informative to the people who would like to have sex with them (and perhaps ‘destroying’ their fantasies a little bit). Many pre-op trans women have little to no desire to use their penis in any way.

Generally speaking, words like shemale, ladyboy, and tranny are unacceptable and considered highly offensive! We are not male, we are not boys, and tranny is akin to the N-word in most transgender circles.

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