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2011 was a good year.

It has been a good year. Sure, there were some not so happy times as well but overall 2011 has done me a lot of good. Here’s a few highlights:

The year started with me still being on a dating frenzy which resulted in meeting the guy that would eventually become my boyfriend. In March we officially got together. He’s awesome and I love him so much. <3 He’s strong, caring, understanding, and very sexy! ;) In April I got back in touch with my daughter. I’m very happy to have her back in my life. She also gets along with my boyfriend very well which makes me extra happy. We play games, street chalk and watch Doctor Who together. In August, someone gave me back one of my old cats, heavily pregnant, and we wound up with kittens. Cute, but not really planned. We did eventually decide to keep one of the kittens, sparky, who I think fell into the big bag of catnip when she was very young because she’s extremely active!

Also in August I have been full time for three years and on hormones for a year.

Then in September I got approved for surgery. I saw the surgeon the next month and it seems that my surgery date will be around May 2012. I’m very nervous.

And in December we had wonderful Christmas dinners. Both with friends and with my parents. And the new year’s party we went to was great! So much fun! :)

New year’s even was great too and I had so much fun. My boyfriend and I partied until late into the night and we were so broken the next day!

Of course these are just a few of the things that happened to me last year. There were numerous other notable events, like my hair catching on fire! :p

Now I’m off to make 2012 even better! :)

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