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Vlog #14 – Questions about surgery.

Warning: Don’t watch if you are squeamish about surgeries or genital talks.

I had a bunch of questions to my surgeon about my upcoming surgery. Some call it SRS (sexual reassignment surgery), or GCS (gender corrective surgery), but I just call it surgery.

I ramble on about stuff at first, the questions (and answers) start at 5:24

[5:56] Question 1: What is the approximate vaginal depth I can reach?
[8:38] Question 2: How soon after surgery can I have vaginal intercourse?
[9:18] Question 3: How soon after surgery can I have anal intercourse?
[10:26] Question 4: Dilating. How often, and when can I stop doing it (especially when sexually active)?
[12:00] Question 5: Will I have a sensitive clitoris?
[13:04] Question 6: Labiaplasty. Done together with vaginoplasty?
[13:54] Question 7: Second (cosmetic) operation cover by insurance?
[15:30] Question 8: How identical will it be to a natal women’s vagina?
[20:54] Question 9: What are my chances of complications? What are they?
[23:46] Question 10: Am I too small statures for a deep vagina? Is my pelvic size an issue?
[24:30] Question 11: My BMI is 18. Which is only a little below normal. Is this an issue? My weight has been stable around 41.5kg.
[26:11] Question 12: Which areas would I still need to get lasered before surgery?

Posted on December 10, 2011
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