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Crazy Cat Lady: The Return

Buttons has come home. I used to have a lot of cats. And by a lot I mean that people used to call me the crazy cat lady! Don’t ask me how it happened but I eventually wound up with twelve cats. Of course that was a bit crazy and I had to start placing most of them elsewhere. One of those, Buttons, was a young and cute cat of about a year old when I found a home for her. That was just over a year ago.

Well the other day I got this weird message after 1am via my account. All it said was:

Hello, are you the previous owner of Buttons? I would like to know if you want her back?! If not I will bring her to the shelter.

Especially that last line bothered me greatly. It sounded very threatening.

I managed to retrieve her email address and mailed her all my info. I did not hear from har at all the next day so the day after that, after I found her phone number, I called her and asked what was going on. She apologized for the crude message and that it wasn’t her intent. Still, I wanted Buttons back and asked when it could be arranged. She said she could bring her by the next day around 3pm.

That next day she calls me just before 3pm saying Buttons had decided to take a long walk and hasn’t come home yet and if I would be alright with her bringing Buttons by on Sunday instead. Just as I agreed to that Buttons walked back in the door and they decided to bring her by today anyway.

Despite her apology and the reasons she gave me as to why the cat had to go away I was still a little weary. They only stayed for a few minutes after they dropped her off and afterward I noticed a bit of blood on the wall. Buttons must’ve hurt herself on the drive over here in her cat cage. A tiny part of her left ear was wounded.

She settled in pretty quick, hissing at the other cats but more than eager to be petted by me. She ate and drank and seemed to be doing well. Once I got to check her out a bit more I noticed her very round waist. It looks like she’s pregnant and that they neglected to tell me that.

So while I was finally down to just one cat, in just a few weeks I managed to get back up to three, with the possibility of winding up with a few more in the near future. Not exactly how I planned this.

Posted on August 11, 2011
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