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Vlog #7 – Dating and more dating.

I’ve been dating quite a bit lately (understatement of the year) and decided to cover them all in one go. This will also be pretty much the last time I’ll talk about my dating experiences. Well, I will mention small things in passing but I will no longer dedicate an entire b/vlog to it unless something out of the ordinary happens, like a very special first date or something. So, just assume I’ll still be dating lots even if I don’t talk about it.

I had my second date with the guy from my previous video in the first weekend of December. Which, incidentally, you can find by searching YouTube for “insane sex“. I’ll be referring to him as “Teddy” from now on so you can actually tell ‘m all apart. :p Cuz, you know, I’m dating 5 different guys right now. (Note: The fifth is not mentioned in here.)

He surprised me, because the day before while we talked a bit on MSN, he asked what time I wanted him to come over. I said “As soon as possible!” which apparently he took quite literally because at 9am the next morning I got a text message saying he was on his way. I was still in bed; sleeping! I didn’t expect him until like 2 or 3pm so I had to rush and get ready very, very quickly!

He again stayed for the weekend, though only two days this time. We.. did make it count, though. Apart from watching the latest Resident Evil: Afterlife, we didn’t do much apart from, well, you know, have fun. ;)

When I said it would be tough making a vlog about this one he threw a few suggestions at me. One of them would be to make like a checklist and just go “did it, did it, did it, about to do it” and so on. I’m not sure if going into detail about my sex life would gain or lose me subscribers. Probably both so it might just even out. Still.. as open as I am, there are certain things that will remain private. This isn’t just my life I’m talking about here.

The Saturday after that, I had a first date. It was with a guy who I’ll be calling “Pretzel”. His choice, don’t ask, I don’t know. He’s the youngest guy I’ve ever dated so far as he’s only 26. Eight years younger than me. He suggested dinner and a movie so it was going to be kind of a classic date. Never had one of those before.

We met up in Amsterdam in the early afternoon. I was hungry so we decided to find a Subway to eat. Afterward we walked past the cinema where we were planning on watch a movie later, so we went in and looked at what would be playing that day.

Other than Tangled, which he had already seen, there wasn’t really a whole lot of interesting movies playing. He suggested The Social Network but we wound up choosing Unstoppable, the latest action flick starring Denzel Washington. I wanted something that wouldn’t require me to completely focus on the movie.

We had some time to kill so we went looking for a place to sit ‘n stuff. We found a ‘quaint’ little cafe, drank some wine, and talked. It was there that we decided to forget about going to the movies and just go to my place instead. Well, I wanted dinner first so we went to McDonald’s. I hadn’t had eaten there in a while and I really felt like having some junk food. :p

When we got to my place we put on the movie Doom as background noise. Besides that we spent most of our time in the bedroom. To cut a long story short, he didn’t leave until the next morning. ;)

Now, just a few days after that I had to go to the hospital for my transition evaluation and talk about how I was doing being on hormones and how it has affected me so far. Earlier that day I talked with Pretzel and arranged to see him that evening. It’s a good thing I did because I received some very bad news from one of the doctors and had a really hard time dealing with it. And no, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like talking about what I was told just yet but I’ll probably make it public in a future update.

When I got to Rotterdam to meet up with Pretzel, we went over to Pizza Hut to eat. Which luckily had an “all you can eat” buffet that day which we gladly took advantage of. There, I told him what happened and he was really supportive and comforting.

We must’ve sat at the Pizza Hut for about 2 hours before we finally left. We then found a nice little cafe where we had some drinks and talked about all kinds of subjects. We also set up a date for the following Friday. He was gonna come over again. By the time I left for home it was already quite late, I didn’t get back home until 1.30am.

Well, the next day I had another first date. With a guy I had only talked to for about 10 minutes on this dating site I’m on. He just asked me out and I accepted.

We met up in Amsterdam and were gonna go to this Jazz Cafe he knew. Well when we got there it hadn’t opened yet so we went to the Burger King while we waited for the place to open.

The Jazz Cafe was really nice. It was not very busy at first but that would change dramatically in the next few hours. We got a nice table right near the front of the stage. It didn’t take long before the musicians came in and started setting up.

It was a jazz band consisting of a trumpet, saxophone, (digital) piano, double bass, and drums. They were really quite awesome. Very skilled, every single one of them capable of doing solos, and there was this great dynamic between them.

We drank for a bit and enjoyed their performance. They were going to do four sets but sadly by the time they finished their first set I had to head back to the train station in order to catch the last train home. Again I got home at 1.30am.

He, who I’ll call “Zack” by the way, is a very intelligent, friendly and interesting person. Not a bad dresser either. Though this was a bit of an unusual date for me. Unusual in the sense that there was no physical contact whatsoever during the entire date. He was very nice throughout the entire evening, but I’m not sure anything is going to happen there.

Then came Friday. Yes, Pretzel was coming over again. He texted me at just before 8am that he was on his way. Again, I was still asleep at that time, so I had to get up, shower and get ready quickly. Well, apparently I didn’t have to be that fast as there was such heavy snow that day that public transportation wasn’t without its delays.

He got here at like 10am, I think. We watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which is a truly awesome movie! Very geeky. :D We ordered pizza and other than that we pretty much just did our usual thing. ;) He also stayed the night even though that wasn’t initially planned.

The Tuesday after that I went over to see Teddy. Yeah, a date on a weekday while he has to work the next day. Crazy, I know. We had a lot of fun though, he even gave me a Christmas present! That was so sweet of him! I wound up spending the night there and left in the early morning.

Well, I decided to head over at my dad’s as I don’t see him enough as it is and he lives in a nearby city. I also had a date with Pretzel this same day so this way I didn’t have to go all the way back home, fix myself up, and then go back out again.

Pretzel and I had a lot of fun as well. He took me to this very sweet restaurant, the food there was awesome. Again I didn’t get home until the middle of the night.

Then the Monday after that, just after Christmas, Pretzel was gonna come over to my place again for a day or two. Well, that wound up to being three days as he didn’t leave until Wednesday. He arrived a bit later than planned as the train he was on malfunctioned in the middle of nowhere but that gave me time to clean up the place a bit more.

I ‘demanded’ we would watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special as I’m kind of a Doctor Who addict and I could not wait any longer to see it. We also watched The Chase, an old favorite of mine starring Charlie Sheen. Yes.. I think he’s cute.

We had a great time as always. :)

Then, merely hours after he left, I got a message from a guy I that contacted me via MySpace the other day. We had only talked for like 10-15 minutes back then. He said he was “in the neighbourhood” and wondered if he could drop by.

I swear I am insane because I gave him my address and he was going to head my way. It was 1am at the time, I was exhausted, and I looked like crap. I just figured, “why not”, you know?

He stayed until like 2.30am. We just talked. He was a bit unusual, it was hard for me to get a good picture of him and what it is that he wanted from me. He hadn’t read my site, nor my dating profile as I didn’t meet him from there, and he didn’t even realize I was trans until I told him over MSN the first time we talked. We set up a date for the 4th of January. He was going to pick me up and gonna go out someplace nice.

Now, I thought I was going to have a relatively quiet couple of days as we were headed into the new year, but then everything changed. Teddy really wanted to see me so we set something up for the 1st of January and then Pretzel came along and asked me to spend new year’s eve at his place!

Fun fact: Pretzel and I were asleep and woke up 5 minutes after midnight due to the noise coming from outside, lol. “Oh hey! It’s new year!”

Without going into too much detail this was by far the best time I’ve spent new year’s eve and day ever! :p There was some serious fireworks those days alright! And I think I damn near killed Teddy! ;)

Then the 4th came along. I was supposed to have my date with the MySpace guy that day. He sent me a message around 7pm that he was still at work but headed home soon. Our date wasn’t until 8pm so I figured that was fine.

Well after he didn’t show up when it was like a quarter to nine I sent him a text asking what the fuck is up. He simply replied stating that he was “still busy”. Well thanks for letting me know, asshole!

I was talking to Teddy at the time and I said, “You know, I can be over at your place in like an hour if I leave right now”. So that’s what I did. I quickly grabbed some overnight stuff and just headed out the door.

Meanwhile the MySpace guy would still text me with lame excuses that I simply found too hard to believe. It is a very simple thing to let someone know you’re running late and give an estimation of just how late you think you’re gonna be.

At least the day was not lost as I had a great time with Teddy. Teddy is always fun. He also introduced me to Fringe, which apparently can be summed up as a more contemporary X-Files. It’s very ‘fluffy’ but fun to watch.

Then this last weekend I saw Teddy again. Yes, again. This weekend was planned long time in advance. He come over on Friday evening and besides the ‘usual activities’ we watched a lot of Family Guy and The Big Bang Theory.

We had something very special planned for Saturday night. We went out at like 10pm to Amsterdam and I was kinda nervous but also very excited. I’m not going to go into any detail here but suffice to say that I enjoyed myself a lot and it is definitely something we’ll be doing again. :)

I like going out but as there are no buses that go to my town after like 1am it is not something I can easily do by myself. Trains still keep going though, so as we left there at about 4am we went over to Teddy’s place instead. It was my original plan to go back home on Sunday but I was so tired that I slept too much so it wasn’t until Monday morning until I finally went home. It was a long but very fun weekend. :)

Then last Friday I saw Pretzel again. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks so that was nice. We hung out, had dinner, and went to the movies. We watched The Green Hornet in IMAX 3D and it was awesome! The screen was huge! The movie had some really amazing special effects and it was a very fun and entertaining movie. :)

While not planned Pretzel did come home with me which meant the next day I had to rush a little bit as I had a date with a new guy. :)

This new guy is 26, has long hair, he’s gothy (rawr!), and he’s OMFG awesome! I’ll be calling him Dragoon. He also promised to give me a massage which I desperately needed so that was already a big plus.

When I got there he had just finished baking brownies, which were absolutely delicious. We were gonna go to the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner that night but we left kinda late as we got a bit distracted. ;) Once we left he actually carried me down a few flights of stairs, all the way to outside. We passed one of his roommates along the way who was all “what the hell”!? – It was fun.

He also made me quiche! Something I had never had before in my life so it was a new experience but it was good! He’s a pretty damn good cook as far as I can tell. Though, you know, I helped a little. *cough*

I really like this guy. We have a lot in common. I mean, it’s not every day I meet someone that turns on some music and actually have it be stuff I listen to myself. At one point even The Crüxshadows came along! I was like “OMG!” and he was like “you know them?” – “Know them? This is my fucking ringtone!” LOL!

The week after that was going to be a self-imposed no dating week but it only took two days before the very idea made me go crazy so I set up new dates for all of the following weekends and this upcoming weekend. In fact, I’ll be seeing Dragoon again this Friday despite the fact we already had a date set up in February. We’re gonna watch Dr. Horrible. Yes, I’ve never seen it before. Yes, I know, I’m losing geek cred for that.

Some people already assumed I would not be able to go a full week without a date and I guess they were right. I tried! Honest!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.. and what I will be up to for the foreseeable future. Like I said in the beginning, this will be the very last time I’ll do a complete b/vlog about dating unless something really special happens. Like, you know, I go exclusive, or I go skydiving for a first date. You know, weird stuff like that. If you’re still interested to know all the silly stuff and details I don’t talk about on here just follow me on twitter, facebook, or check out the official Facebook fan page. Yes, I have a fan page.

I have looots of other things to talk about, I just really needed to get this one done so you all would be up to date again and then I can finally move on and talk about others things again. I have some very interesting things coming up.

Talk to ya later!

Posted on January 20, 2011
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