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Vlog #4 – First hair removal session.

Just over a week ago I had my first real session for permanent hair removal. I was nervous for several reasons. I didn’t know how much it was going to hurt, or how red my face would be afterward, and for how long, and the fact they were going to point a laser at my genitals. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect to I envisioned one of those James Bond scenes where he strapped to a table and a laser slowly goes up between his legs. I kept hearing this line in my head, “No, Miss Bond. I expect you to die.”

Fortunately it wasn’t quite as scary as that, though it was a bit unusual. See, I’m getting both my face and my ‘downstairs’ area done at the same time. Once in the treatment room the nice lady told me to take off my pants and lay down. -What, no foreplay?- Now here’s the fun part. Before I got there I had to numb the area with emla cream and then wrap it in saran wrap. At least I found out that I don’t have a fetish for once.

Speaking of fetishes, she then proceeded to shave the area to which I found out that’s another fetish I don’t have. Wow! Two in one day? That’s amazing! When she was done it was time to start lasering. Some parts hurt more than others but overall it was very tolerable. A very weird feeling regardless, though. It felt like a whole bunch of needles being quickly stabbed into you and pulled out again. Intense, but manageable. Besides, it’s for a good cause. This was done pretty quick, like, less than 15 minutes, easy. So I could finally put my pants back on.

Then it was time to work on my face. This was fun. She noticed many of my hairs grow sideways which causes ingrown hairs and a more visible shade even after shaving. She suggested I should use an electric razor for now until treatment is completed.

She wanted to test out two areas first to see how I would respond to the laser. She did it on a not so dense area first, which hurt but was tolerable. Then she tried a more dense area, just one shot with the laser, and that hurt like fuck! I heard the singing of hairs as it hit and smelled burning hair. She was gonna wait a bit to see if there would be any major reaction so she got me a cup of tea in the meantime. It was obvious after a while I did not respond well to it as I had a bit of a bump where she shot me with the laser. So it was decided to use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) instead for now.

So I was brought to another room with the IPL machine and had to wear black shades with which I could not see a thing except for the TL light on the ceiling. As you may have guessed this machine shoots out an incredibly bright light with intense heat, but it was far less painful than the laser. She decided it was a good idea to just try and thin the entire area out first so that once it was less dense I could go back to laser treatment.

This all didn’t take very long and after a while it was apparent that even the redness I did have was already subsiding. Good news, I don’t have to look like a burn victim for a week! My next appointment will be in like 6 weeks. I’m actually looking forward to it because the sooner this is done the better. Last time I talked about the number two on my list of insecurities, my voice, well this is number one. I can’t wait to be rid of it once and for all.

Posted on November 9, 2010
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