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Vlog #6 – The Insane First Date

So I had a date recently. It was a first date and I’m pretty sure we broke every rule in the book on that date. I guess this could also be called “What not to do on a first date.” but rules are meant to be broken, right? ;)

We had been messaging on this dating site for a while. Thought we always kept missing each other so basically it was just emailing back ‘n forth every other day. One of the first things he asked me was about my religion, which I had listed as “other”. This lead into a big discussion on organized religion in general ‘n stuff, not exactly a light topic of conversation with someone you just started talking to, but he never disrespected my beliefs so that was good.

We decided to switch topics after a while and wound up talking about movies, TV shows ‘n all that. He mentioned he had just seen RED with Bruce Willis, which I am a big fan of. The Fifth Element, Unbreakable, Die Hard, they’re all great. Though I still have yet to see the last one.

I gave him my MSN address so that maybe we could actually catch each other online at the same time and chat in real time instead. He added me and we started talking about a lot of things. Again, a lot about movies and TV shows. Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Sliders. Yes, he’s a geek, and I love geeks. <3

So then all of a sudden he says, “We should hold a TV and movie marathon. Spend like a weekend on the couch and watch a show we both like from start to finish.” I’m like, “Sure, sounds like fun.” and then he asks, “How about next weekend?”

Wait, what?! He was serious?! I told him he was mental and that I could very well be a psychotic serial killer. While it did seem like a fun idea it was really quite insane to do this as a first date. I told him that the ‘proper’ thing to do would be to at least meet up once or twice before deciding to do something as crazy as that, so I had to think about it. He swore he would be a perfect gentleman, unless I didn’t want him to be. I had to bite my tongue at that statement. ;)

Well, I didn’t think for very long because the next day I gave him directions to my place, asked for his cellphone number and a few other things. He gave me his number but requested that I would not call him as he wanted my voice to remain a mystery for now. I’m not sure if he feared I would sound like Darth Vader or what, but I honored his request.

Flash forward to that Friday. He texted me saying the train was a bit late but he still thought he could make the bus. Turned out he was wrong, though, because shortly after he texted he just missed it so he was gonna arrive half an hour later. He’d be here at about 9pm.

I left for the bus stop and waited. Bus came shortly after 9pm. I was nervous. So was he. He told me later it was kind of a “What the fuck am I doing?” type of feeling. He also said that when he got off the bus that his first impression of me was “Holy shit! She’s so thin!”

He gave me a rose. A blue rose. He said he wanted to give me a white one but they didn’t have one anymore. I thought that was so sweet of him. I wanted to kiss him right then and there but I could tell he was still feeling a bit nervous and awkward so I figured it could wait a bit.

When we got to my apartment, which is only like a 5 minute walk, I showed him where to put his stuff. He then sat on the couch and I sat at the heater for a bit. It was cold and raining out so I needed to warm up badly. He told me later he thought I was trying to distance myself from him. That maybe I thought that this was a mistake.

After I warmed up I sat next to him and we started to watch some movies. After some talk we decided on watching Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 because I said I really wanted to watch Toy Story 3 and he said he had never seen any of ‘m. We ordered pizza and started watching.

I noticed he wasn’t sure what to do at first. I could tell he wanted to hold me.. wrap his arm around me. I guess he wasn’t sure what I wanted. So I figured I’d help him out a bit. I just planted myself really tight next to him and things started to get a lot more physical after that. It didn’t take long before I was laying on his lap and he would caress my body.

We only lasted for the first two movies. He was, uh, tired and wanted to go to bed. We both proceeded to into the bedroom and he started to undress. I opened my closet, looked at my nighties, and asked “Hmm.. So what should I wear?” He then positioned himself directly behind me, put his arms around me and simply said “Less.”

The next day.. What? You honestly thought I was going to talk about all the intimate details of my sex life here? It was good, alright? Real good.. and plentiful. ;)

Anyway, the next day we got up kind of late. Well, I wanted to eat breakfast but he refused to leave the bed. Eventually he bribed me by making me give him a massage before he would get up. He had actually brought massage oil with him which we had used that night. It was really nice.

So I finally manage to get him out of bed, we take a shower, have breakfast and watched the first two episodes of The Walking Dead. The new TV show taking place after the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s pretty good.

The events after this are kind of a blur, really. I know what happened, I’m just not so sure about the when. So forgive me if some of this is completely wrong. I do know we watched The Emperor’s New Groove 2: Kronk’s New Groove because he really wanted to, which was a fun movie, I admit.

Later we ordered more food and watched Toy Story 3. I cried so bad near the end of that movie. He called me a “softy” for doing so. He said that underneath my hard exterior I was just “all soft of mushy inside”. I wasn’t aware I had a hard exterior, really.

After that we were both pretty tired, we didn’t sleep a helluva lot the night before. We figured we’d put on Twilight as background noise. That way we could still kinda say we had ‘seen’ it. It was so bad though, that even while half asleep we decided to turn it off. It was just terrible!

Things really become a blur at this point. I know he intended to leave on Sunday in the early afternoon, but that didn’t happen. Well, to be more precise, I made sure it didn’t happen. ;)

He had brought fresh ingredients to make us a salmon salad. It was supposed to be breakfast but it became more of a late lunch instead. It was weird, but cute, seeing this guy slave around in my kitchen for like half an hour preparing it. I ate some but I do feel kinda bad as I am not a big fan of fish.

He eventually left in the early evening and by the time he got home I was already passed out. Completely exhausted from the weekend.

It was the most unusual first date ever. We broke all the rules. Still, I’m very glad I did it because it was a very fun weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves. Definitely worth repeating. Which we are. ;)

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Vlog #5 – Gothic & Fantasy Fair

We don’t celebrate Halloween in this country. Which makes me very sad :( Apart from a few clubs doing supposed Halloween-themed parties (which tend to suck) nothing is done here. No trick-or-treating, no decorated houses with gravestones and grim reapers, nothing. It sucks.

Luckily I did have something to do that day as it also happened to be the day of the Gothic and Fantasy Fair this year. It was two days actually, Saturday and Sunday, but I only went the Sunday as it isn’t very close and OMNIA would be performing on Sunday only so the choice was easy.

It was all indoors so I didn’t have to worry about bad weather or anything so I worse my cybergoth outfit. Which, I have to say, I look so much better in now than I did a few months ago. I was too damn skinny back then. Sadly, I have no pictures at all from me at the fair as it was pointless to try. It was really crowded, there were shittons of people there. Though some guy did walk up to me and wanted his picture taken with me. He put his arm around me and had (I think) his daughter take the picture. Who knows, it might wind up on the internet somewhere.

I had a lot of fun there, there were a ton of kewl stands, nice people, and of course, good music! :) I love OMNIA so I made sure to get there early. As soon as I heard them do their sound check I went out there. Still had like an hour to go but with OMNIA you have to be there early or you’re gonna be standing at the back.

Their concert was awesome but I expected no less. The instruments did suffer a bit from the heat indoors so some retuning had to be done in-between songs. At one point it was so bad that Jenny had to go backstage to tune her hurdy-gurdy cuz she couldn’t hear and told the rest of the band to just play something else until she was done. They actually started to play Tenacious D’s “Fuck Her Gently” for a bit until she got back.

The concert was long and they played a ton of my favorite songs. Old ones like “Etrezomp Ni Kelted” and new ones like “Toys in the Attic” and my current favorite song, “Wolf Song”. So pretty. <3

Of course there was a lot more to do there than just watch OMNIA play. There were a lot of kewl stands with awesome stuff. I was mainly looking at clothes and hoping to find something nice. I tried on corsets at two different stands. As I wear the smallest non-custom made size it can be quite hard to find a good one. at one stand I found one that was just looked awesome! The model and size were perfect, but… it was blue. I’m looking for pink, black, or a black/pink combo. I do have her email address so she can look if it happens to be available in either of those colors.

I was also looking a lot at boots as there were a few stands that sold Demonia boots. I currently own two pairs of boots by Demonia but I want more cuz they’re so awesome. <3

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Vlog #4 – First hair removal session.

Just over a week ago I had my first real session for permanent hair removal. I was nervous for several reasons. I didn’t know how much it was going to hurt, or how red my face would be afterward, and for how long, and the fact they were going to point a laser at my genitals. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect to I envisioned one of those James Bond scenes where he strapped to a table and a laser slowly goes up between his legs. I kept hearing this line in my head, “No, Miss Bond. I expect you to die.”

Fortunately it wasn’t quite as scary as that, though it was a bit unusual. See, I’m getting both my face and my ‘downstairs’ area done at the same time. Once in the treatment room the nice lady told me to take off my pants and lay down. -What, no foreplay?- Now here’s the fun part. Before I got there I had to numb the area with emla cream and then wrap it in saran wrap. At least I found out that I don’t have a fetish for once.

Speaking of fetishes, she then proceeded to shave the area to which I found out that’s another fetish I don’t have. Wow! Two in one day? That’s amazing! When she was done it was time to start lasering. Some parts hurt more than others but overall it was very tolerable. A very weird feeling regardless, though. It felt like a whole bunch of needles being quickly stabbed into you and pulled out again. Intense, but manageable. Besides, it’s for a good cause. This was done pretty quick, like, less than 15 minutes, easy. So I could finally put my pants back on.

Then it was time to work on my face. This was fun. She noticed many of my hairs grow sideways which causes ingrown hairs and a more visible shade even after shaving. She suggested I should use an electric razor for now until treatment is completed.

She wanted to test out two areas first to see how I would respond to the laser. She did it on a not so dense area first, which hurt but was tolerable. Then she tried a more dense area, just one shot with the laser, and that hurt like fuck! I heard the singing of hairs as it hit and smelled burning hair. She was gonna wait a bit to see if there would be any major reaction so she got me a cup of tea in the meantime. It was obvious after a while I did not respond well to it as I had a bit of a bump where she shot me with the laser. So it was decided to use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) instead for now.

So I was brought to another room with the IPL machine and had to wear black shades with which I could not see a thing except for the TL light on the ceiling. As you may have guessed this machine shoots out an incredibly bright light with intense heat, but it was far less painful than the laser. She decided it was a good idea to just try and thin the entire area out first so that once it was less dense I could go back to laser treatment.

This all didn’t take very long and after a while it was apparent that even the redness I did have was already subsiding. Good news, I don’t have to look like a burn victim for a week! My next appointment will be in like 6 weeks. I’m actually looking forward to it because the sooner this is done the better. Last time I talked about the number two on my list of insecurities, my voice, well this is number one. I can’t wait to be rid of it once and for all.

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