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I can(‘t) see!

Back from hospital after having my eyelid cut open. :(

Today was the day I finally had the appointment at the hospital to get my eye fixed up. I’m not superstitious but did find it typical they were going to cut my eyelid open on Friday the 13th.

When I got there I had to wait for quite a while, they seemed to be very busy but when my turn finally came I was brought to a small room which was only shielded from the rest of the hospital by a curtain.

There I was told the entire procedure and were going to start with the anesthetic. They (Note: I’m using “they” and “them” throughout this blog entry as I could not see a whole lot and therefor could not tell any of the doctors apart.) informed me this was the worst part and that I won’t feel a thing afterward.

They marked the area that had to be cut open and then brought out the needle. It was scary. :( Putting in the needle was annoying but not particularly painful. It did take a while for them to finish though. Then they dropped some fluid in my bottom eyelid which burned for a bit.

Then I had to wait for 10 minutes or so for the anesthetic to take full effect. I could feel my eyelid swelling up, a very weird feeling. When it was finally time they brought me to another, bigger room and there I had to lay back in the most uncomfortable chair ever! Doesn’t help when you can’t move the headrest and you’re too short to place your head on it AND actually have your but in the seat. So I had to place my head between the headrest and the back… Guh.

I was then given more drops, this time in both eyes, but these didn’t sting. A clamp was used to hold my eyelid in a certain position and that bit did flipping hurt! It was secured so tightly that it became very painful and it was then removed and set looser thank God. It was still painful though. Whoever told me that the anesthetic was the worst part was a damn liar! :(

Then it was time to make the incision. This part I did not feel at all though the very idea of it made me a bit queezy. A ‘spoon’ was subsequently used to take all the crap out of my eyelid which was uncomfortable but the clamp was still the worst part. Blood started pouring into my eye which is a weird sight and feels very strange, let me tell you.

You feel so helpless when you’re i a chair like this. You basically have to surrender yourself to whoever is hovering above you. Be it a surgeon, dentist, or whoever. It is unnatural and it can be really hard to resist the urge to just lash out at the person hurting you.

When it was done the clamp was released and some form of ointment was put into my eye, dunno what, I did not even feel it. Then the big ass bandage was put over my eye and I was told that since everything went so well I did not have to wait for checkup as most do. I could go home straight away.

It will be swollen for a week or two but that should go down by itself. I won’t need to take any medicine or anything so that’s good, too. I can’t see a damn thing though. I have no depth perception which affects me more than I thought it would. When I want to grab stuff I keep missing.

I try ‘n wear glasses over this but it doesn’t help much, really. At least I can take the bandages of tonight and I should have pretty eyes again soon. :)

Posted on August 13, 2010
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