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Bulk 2009 recap

The following blog posts had already been written but never published, I’ll be publishing the rest of them to this thing up to speed at a later date so expect many more coming.

One bad thing after another. December 22, 2009
Spambots are getting weird. December 18, 2009
Cheap clothes! December 9, 2009
Today’s look. November 30, 2009
My neighbors suck. November 21, 2009
Did I mention I love pigtails? November 14, 2009
Chocolate Flakes for breakfast. November 9, 2009
Psychiatric evaluation. November 4, 2009
Yay for clothing sales! October 31, 2009
New passport! October 23, 2009
I really love pigtails! October 8, 2009

Meanwhile I’ll be posting up NEW blog posts as well so take note of the date on the actual blog post. :D There is a lot of stuff I am currently going through and writing it all down is not always that easy, but I’m trying.

Posted on June 23, 2010
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