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Metallica – The Unforgiven : guitar cover + solo in Eb (e flat) HD

Yeah, I know the timing is off at first, but that is mostly due to me not being able to hear the other guitar part while recording. It gets better when the bass comes in. Which, by the way, I made louder than on the original recording because you could never hear it. :p

I am by no means a solo guitarist!! In fact, this is the very first guitar solo I have ever played in its entirety. It is just something I wanted to try.

It was very deliberate to do both guitars in a single take rather than recording 12 different takes of all the different sections of the song to recreate the studio version. My goal was to create a playable live version, flaws ‘n all. And there are flaws alright! :D

Despite the mistakes, I am pleased with it. I know the song, and I know in an actual live performance I’d do much better than this. But I’m tired of practicing this song now.

Thanks for watching/listening! <3 Please rate & comment! I’m moving on to the next song. What will it be???

Posted on May 29, 2010
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