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One bad thing after another.

I had another appointment with the hospital yesterday. I had to be there at 10am so I had to leave early.

Well, I was ready on time, got to the bus stop early and waited for it to arrive. ..and waited.. ..and waited some more.. half an hour.. forty five minutes.. an hour… It was freezing cold and all I could do was stand there waiting, hoping it would come soon.

Meanwhile, other people left the bus stop as they got tired of waiting, but this appointment is very important so I did not have that luxury. The bus didn’t show up until 4 minutes after 10. Exactly four minutes after I had to be at the hospital.

Now, normally I would have called them to let them know I was going to be late, and if there was still any point in going but wouldn’t you know it.. My cellphone had been disconnected a few days ago because of a stupid billing issue that they simply won’t fix. They’re a very dumb company and have a crappy ass help desk. As soon as this subscription is over I’m switching to something better.

Anyway, the weather was so crappy that there were warnings on the news that people that didn’t necessarily needed to travel should stay indoors. Considering there are people from all over the country headed out for appointments to the same hospital I decided to go anyway and hope someone canceled. Which isn’t unprecedented, it happens a lot I’ve been told.

Well, when I finally get there it is about 11am so I am very late. I’m cold and freezing, nervous as hell, but I walk inside, go up one floor and head toward where I’m supposed to be. As I go around the corner into the last hallway I already see her standing there with a confused look.

She asks me if I made a mistake with the appointment time, saying it was an hour ago. As I explain what happened, the late bus, the fact I couldn’t call, and the hope that someone would cancel because of the bad weather she tells me that they actually called everyone to verify if they would still show up or not. Of course I could not be reached. And guess what? They all showed up so there was nothing I could do except leave and go home. :(

So that was my shitty day. Not another appointment for a month.. next year.. which means my diagnosis will take that much longer as well. Fuck!

Posted on December 22, 2009
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