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My neighbors suck.

For the past few years that I have lived in this apartment almost every single week, sometimes every single day, there is fireworks set off outside. Or more specifically, thrown off a balcony. During the day and in the middle of the night. Reach time I fear they are hitting a cat or even a person as I know those drunk fucks just act without thinking.

Then there’s loud music all the time and in the summers they sit outside a lot, with music blaring. That is all fine but do they have to do that until 5 in the morning? If this was all just in the weekends when I could forgive that, but it’s not.

Then there’s the cars that park right in front of my window despite there being room in the parking lot literally 2 feet away. And even if there isn’t, unless you are loading/unloading: DON’T FUCKING PARK IN FRONT OF MY FUCKING WINDOW! This happens way too fucking much.

The upstairs neighbor is the worst in all this. I’m not sure he realizes just how fucking loud he is all damn day. I hear him get up, every day, around 7 in the morning. Then he goes to the bathroom, hacks up a long as if he were some 70 year old life long chain smoker (he’s in his late twenties actually) and proceeds to have a screaming match with his live in girlfriend. Every. Single. Day.

He’s also bought a motorcycle that he never seems to ride but is constantly messing with. ‘Tuning’ or whatever it is. Of course this, too, is right outside my window and makes loud fucking noises all the damn time as well.

This happens every single day. Lots of shouting, screaming, and even when they’re not he plays his XBOX360 with the volume maxed out.

Now, so when it is weekend and I watch a movie in the evening and I have the sound up, guess what happens? The same idiot that never heard of the word quiet starts stomping on the floor and banging on the radiator. What a fucking hypocrite.

I’d say or do something about it but I hear he’s an extremely vindictive person.

Posted on November 21, 2009
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