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Chocolate Flakes for breakfast.

Something people in the US rarely understand is what I put on my bread for breakfast.

See, besides the usual cheese, lunch meats, jams and such, we also love to put sweet stuff on bread. This includes chocolate sprinkles, multi fruit sprinkles, aniseed sprinkles, stamped mice (crushed aniseed), and my all time favorite: chocolate flakes.

We love chocolate on bread. My favorite brand of chocolate flakes. <3

While I was in the US I had the hardest time finding it, or even explaining it to people. The few times I found it, it was merely in a tiny jar meant for cake decoration only. It also tasted horrid.

The chocolate flakes from Choca Works are my all time favorite and I have eaten them almost daily for nearly 3 decades. They are just that good! :d

Posted on November 9, 2009
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