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New passport!

My passport was nearing its expiration date (so, it’s like milk?) so last week I took new photo and yesterday I was able to pick it up. The photo on it finally resembles what I look like these days, though it is a crappy photo, of course. Passport photos always are. :/

It would have been great to also have it say “F” instead of “M” but unfortunately over here I cannot get that changed until after surgery. Must suck for all the pre-op transsexuals who (for whatever reason) stay that way. You live your life as female, look the part, yet every time you have to ID yourself you get questioned and have to explain yourself. Not fun. :(

I also haven’t done the legal name change yet, I am hoping to do that after I get the diagnosis done with. It’ll be really nice to finally have it say my name on all legal documents.

Along with a new photo I also changed my height. I vividly remember lying last time because I was a tad sensitive about my height at times. That is not the case anymore so I had them fix it. I am now officially 152cm (5’0″) tall. :)

Posted on October 23, 2009
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