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So I got banned from the one transsexual related chatroom that I still went to last week and the reason why is completely absurd!

I am the technical admin of Halforums and it was sort of spontaneously decided to have a zombify your avatar week. A lot of crazy spontaneous stuff happens there so this certainly wasn’t out of the norm.

Zombified.Anyway, I was pretty happy with the result of my zombified avatar and was wanting to show it to my friends in the TG chatroom. So I uploaded it as one of the three pictures you can have on your profile and it didn’t take long for the owner/admin to private message me.

He asked me what was up with the picture and as I was typing my response he already sent me a few more lines which read: “why would you put something as ‘disturbing’ up?” and “if you want people to take you seriously, I wouldn’t put something like that up”. I was aghast.

I tried to respond and question how a simple funny picture I wanted to show people would stop them from taking me seriously but it seemed his mind was already made up. I deleted the picture, clearly displeased at the lack of sense of humor and he replied with a “I have a better idea, I’m tired of asking you to be mature how about a 2 day ban. and when you come back if you still have an attitude we’ll make it longer.”.

Well that ban turned into a week long ban apparently because when I tried to log back in later I was shown the new date it would be lifted. Fucking asshole. For a damn picture! I guess I should not expect much from the genetic MALE that runs the place. I’m sure some people would’ve liked seeing the ‘disgusting’ picture, in fact, I know they would, but oh well. The stick in the mud had to be all Mr Buzz Killington and be an asshole.

As far as me not being mature, well duh! I’m sure you were a boring fuck at my age but I certainly have no plans of being like you. I am me, my own goddamn person and if you cannot accept that then I don’t even want to BE in your fucking chatroom.

Thanks for cutting me off from MY people, from other transsexuals I could actually TALK to. Thanks for being an asshole and destroying what little contact I had with other girls in similar situations. Thanks for being so close minded in what should be a very open minded place, where people accept each other differences and uniqueness. Thanks for being a fucking hypocrite! Asshole!


Addition: This was a chatroom which consisted mostly of about 10 regular users, and if at any time more than 3 were online, it was a lot. I was in there all by myself a lot. Very low traffic. New people were rare and not seen much.

I had been to this chatroom for months and everyone knew me. If those people would suddenly stop ‘taking me serious’ for posting a single photoshopped picture of myself I would have been very surprised.

Posted on September 12, 2009
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