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The boulevard

Spent the day in Scheveningen. Not to sit my white butt on the beach but rather to walk around the boulevard, check out the shops, and sit at a terras with a drink. As it was the pentacost weekend and the weather was awesome it was pretty darn busy out there.

They also had a market up and everything, I managed to buy me some kewl new pink shades for only a few bucks. It had a label on it with a number that was significantly higher than what I wound up paying for it. I was even ready to start haggling for price, but then he just said “5 bucks” and I was like “OMG SOLD!”. lol

Another stand had a bunch of jewelry for sale. The guy behind it told me it was 1 uro each or 7 items for 5 euros. Uh.. ok. :) I found a few nice earrings and some necklaces that I needed.

One last stand also had rings, which are kinda hard for me to find as I have very small fingers. I went through one box of rings and found a *really* tiny one. I tried it on my pinky but the ring was too big. :( Then my eye fell on an even smaller ring and lo and behold! It fit! :D Awesome! I always wanted a pinky ring.

All in all I had a great day and I even managed to get my arms sunburnt. :P

Posted on June 1, 2009
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