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Pita has returned!

Recently, two of my cats were given to my ex. She took Orion (Ryan) and Pita. It took them a bit to adjust, which seemed to be easier on Ryan than on Pita.

Last week, Pita somehow managed to escape from the apartment and while she was still spotted several times afterward, for the past few days she had completely disappeared. That is, until my birthday, last Monday morning, when I woke up hearing the cat door open and a meow coming from the room. It was Pita, she had returned home!

The remarkable part about this is that she was brought to the apartment in a car, and as far as I know had never walked that road or distance before. So she had to cross 2 major and dangerous roads to get back here. She was also (still) heavily pregnant and had a gaping hole in her side. When I took her too the vet they said the kittens were most likely still alright and that as long as I feed Pita plenty of nutrients there shouldn’t be any problems. The hole however was 7cm (almost 3 inches) deep and had to be cleaned. The vet did this right away and I got some medicine for Pita that I had to give her twice a day.

She immediately felt right back at home and was purring and loving as if she never left. She even went outside again that same day and didn’t run off or anything. :)

Posted on May 20, 2009
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