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Inside my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
But my smile, still, stays on!
– Freddie Mercury (Queen) – The Show Must Go On

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Transgender Information Evening

About a week ago there was a Transgender information evening thing over at the VUMC in Amsterdam, the hospital that I am still on the waiting list on. It started a little after 6pm with speeches accompanied by slides. I went there with my mom, dad, and my daughter.

We left early to avoid traffic problems, it starting at such an awkward time, so we ate something there and looked around a bit before heading to the hall we were all supposed to meet. I didn’t expect a lot of people to show up but I was mistaken. There were quite a few people there, both transgender and relatives.

There was coffee and tea for everyone and shortly someone came to usher us into an adjacent room which looked very much like a movie theater. Well, at least we were comfy. :) After a brief introduction the first guy started doing his slide ‘n speech thing. He spoke kinda softly so I don’t think my dad missed the bigger part of it, but the guy really only gave a general overview of the process in its entirety, from diagnosis to hormones to surgery.

The second guy was a lot easier to understand, it was an older man, bearded, that made the occasional joke. His main focus seemed to be around the hormones and how it would affect you. He also talked about the danger in acquiring hormones from the internet, and the poor quality thereof even if it is a valid drug.

When he was done we were told there was someone from TransVisie who wanted to say a few things. She was a transgender herself and I assume talked about how TransVisie is there to help both transgers and their relatives deal with issues or just find other people to talk to, beyond the more official places to go to. I say assume because she was so nervous about talking in front of people it was very hard to hear her and between every sentence there was this very awkward silence. It was a very sad display, she may have needed to practice this first.

Then it was breaktime and Lynda and I took this time to go back to the restaurant and find us something to drink besides tea. We decided on Dr Pepper and bought some chocolate too.

When it was time to go back there was one more person going to talk, which was a surgeon who, naturally, talked about the surgical procedures and everything surrounding that. They mentioned having been to Thailand recently and altering their technique somewhat. It was asked by someone if they also saw Dr. Suporn, one of the most well-known surgeons in this field but they said they haven’t been to his practice yet.

While I already knew most of the topics talked about it was still nice to hear it from the actual official source and it was of course also nice that both my parents now have a better idea and understanding of what to expect

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There was a huge storm last night. Harsh winds, heavy rain, and major, MAJOR thunder. Some of the lightning seemed to be directly overhead. It was both pretty and frightening to see.

When I woke up the next morning the damage was immediately noticable as the big tree in my backyard had fallen over and was now completely covering my backyard! If it had been a few inches longer it wouldve crashed through the window, so I guess I was very lucky. The tree was getting WAY too big anyway, and this was the perfect excuse to finally get rid of it.

So later in the afternoon my mom, Jan, and Lynda all helped cutting it into pieces and making my backyard walkable again, lol.

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Pita has returned!

Recently, two of my cats were given to my ex. She took Orion (Ryan) and Pita. It took them a bit to adjust, which seemed to be easier on Ryan than on Pita.

Last week, Pita somehow managed to escape from the apartment and while she was still spotted several times afterward, for the past few days she had completely disappeared. That is, until my birthday, last Monday morning, when I woke up hearing the cat door open and a meow coming from the room. It was Pita, she had returned home!

The remarkable part about this is that she was brought to the apartment in a car, and as far as I know had never walked that road or distance before. So she had to cross 2 major and dangerous roads to get back here. She was also (still) heavily pregnant and had a gaping hole in her side. When I took her too the vet they said the kittens were most likely still alright and that as long as I feed Pita plenty of nutrients there shouldn’t be any problems. The hole however was 7cm (almost 3 inches) deep and had to be cleaned. The vet did this right away and I got some medicine for Pita that I had to give her twice a day.

She immediately felt right back at home and was purring and loving as if she never left. She even went outside again that same day and didn’t run off or anything. :)

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