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Me? Socializing? ::GASP!::

Yesterday I went to a birthday party and I had a lot of fun.
A year ago those words would’ve never escaped my lips.

As I go through all these changes I am also reinventing myself; it’s not just all appearance, it’s also my personality, ..everything. I am slowly changing my entire life, step by step. This change in particular is a big one for me though, because the old me never went anywhere or did anything. Now, however, I find myself wanting yo do these things. Before, I wouldn’t be caught dead at a birthday party. Now, I am excited about going! :D

I am noticeably happier and a lot more comfortable with myself, and it shows. Which I think is making acceptance a lot easier for everyone else too.

So they are very positive changes and I am excited about it. Besides, I’m tired of being home all day every day. :P

Just a small update for now, I gotta go do some meddling with the website’s code. :P

Posted on April 4, 2009
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