Amorous Eyes

T-Girl Extraordinaire

I am who I am.

They say that the way the general society deals with transgendered people is about a decade or two behind when compared to the gay community. The latter is largely accepted, especially out here in the Netherlands. They can even get a fully recognized marriage now and adopt kids. Parents no longer hide it or fear getting barred from their favorite establishment or community for having a gay son or daughter. When it comes to transgendered people however, we’re often still not taken seriously, and more often than I’d like to recount, beaten to a bloody pulp.

I’ve been talking to other T-girls for a while now and asking how they and their family and friends are dealing with it. There’s the classic parents who simply deny it and utterly refuse to call them by their new name (even after many years), and there’s the ones that have been cast out of their own homes; even teenagers have been forced to live in the streets. Parents have shunned their own children over this. Siblings have made death threats toward their own kin.

It boggles the mind that we still do these things in this day and age. In our society that we like to view as liberal we still punish and kill those who are too different than the rest. There is just no way to please everyone and some people will simply never ever ‘get it’. In the end it is of course their problem and not ours but doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Especially when it comes from your own family and friends.

Compared to most of these people I have been pretty lucky. I did not lose my entire family and all my friends are still talking to me. Most of my friends have been around and it’s not really something ‘new’ to them. They also know they can ask me anything and I am always very open about it all.

Still, it can be really hard at times to realize that there are people out there that hate you simply for existing. I am who I am, I cannot change that no matter how much they pray to their God to smite me or how hard they’ll punch me in the face. I am who I am, and I am proud of who I am.

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