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Wedding Bells?

Last night I dreamt I was getting married. We were doing all kinds of things to get me ready for the big day. Hair, nails, jewelry, etc. Then we drove off to one of my family member’s place to get me into my dress and I guess do the wedding there. I know I was supposed to walk down the stairs with my pretty white dress on, because I saw it. Weird huh? No clue who I was gonna marry though. :P

Merry XMAS everyone! :)

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Last therapy session of 2008

Last friday, on my wife’s birthday, I had my last therapy session of the year. An awkward day but it was already postponed before due to my wife’s surgical recovery. She was busy herself that day, she had an appointment to pick up her books for her Dutch integration course she’s about to start next year and she went shopping with the aunts afterward. :)

In my therapy session we discussed many things and made a ‘road map’ for the following few months that I want to try and start or accomplish. It’s not a very extensive list by any means, just mainly stuff I’ve been putting off due to other circumstances and I need to get started on those. So that’s my current homework.

Upon entering he also complimented me on my nails. :D Which is always nice. Since it had been a while I told him about all the stuff I’ve been up to and how my schedule is going. So I told him I was doing good with that overall though one particular week was not so great and I was a bit depressed during that time as well. I just need to spend some more time on myself, is all.

Overall things were good and I strolled around Amsterdam for a bit afterward. Didn’t really buy anything apart from silver heart shaped earrings and necklace. I was lacking those. :D (Yes, I know I’m an addict). I played with my new phone a lot that we picked up the day before. It’s a Samsung Omnia and it is awesome as you can read on my other blog. :)

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