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Sunday Shopping Spree

The sunday before last when my dad was here, as he is every week, we decided to go eat at the Subway in Leiden for a change. We usually go to like the Plaza or something and wind up eating fast food; fried stuff. I’m really trying to cut that down to like a once a week thing, or less.

So anyway, I got the awesome parmesan oregano bread, full size, toasted, with cheese, chicken teriyaki and lettuce. No oils or sauces, I don’t really like any. It was really good. So good, in fact, that after I ate a whole one of those I got another half one shortly after. Oooh, and Mt. Dew too! :)

Afterward we strolled around the city for a while, not all stores were open but most of the major ones were. We went to the V&D first, as the kid wanted to look for some socks and Sha needed a sports bra for her then upcoming surgery, from which she has just been released from the hospital!

More Bling Bling


Then on another floor we looked at some (cheap) jewelry (from SIX) and I ‘snatched’ a few things I needed. I finally found a good bracelet; a gold chain with black strap embedded inside of it. Sha handed me another one later that was silvery white. I always have trouble looking for some as I have very small arms/wrists. :)

I also found black and red earrings; dangly ones that I think will go well with a few of my shirts. A purple Y shaped necklace, because I have a lot of purple shirts ‘n stuff, and also a purple flowery bracelet.

Now I’m still looking for a black or black/red necklace and bracelet, purple earrings and bracelet, a white necklace and earrings, and.. well.. I just like having lots of jewelry. :) Oh and I’m still looking for a small and thin gold watch. I’ve seen a few but I’m still looking.

Dad payed for my jewelry, for which I am ever so grateful, but the shopping spree wasn’t over yet.. We went into a shoe store where we all looked at high boots. I’ve been looking for some for a while now, I have thin legs but I like tight boots so it’s tough sometimes.

In the end all three of us found new boots and again dad was feeling really generous today and payed for all of them. That must’ve hurt his wallet a little. They are really awesome boots though! A perfect fit! :)

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Homework update

I’m still doing my homework that my therapist gave me. Which is writing down my eating and sleeping schedule and trying to fix it. It has always been all over the place. I ate when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. Though usually I just stayed awake until my body just collapsed out of exhaustion.

This in turn all lead to, like, me being asleep at daytime when I’m supposed to be out for an appointment, being awake in the middle of the night just staring at my computer screen, and I was very prone to ‘sugar crashes’ which hit me often like half an hour or so after I ate. My body would just shutdown and force me to sleep. I didn’t eat very well, and when I did it was mainly fast food or other sugary stuffs so all this had to change, and soon.

I’ve done that for many years and it’s hard breaking that but I’m making good progress. I mainly sleep between midnight and 7am-8am now and have a healthy fruit drinky thing (Vie) when I wake up, then I have lunch at like, lunchtime (gasp!), then dinner around 6pm. It almost sounds normal! :P

Anyway, I’m trying to keep this up which is going a lot easier than I thought it would and I find myself with a lot more time during the day. the added benefit of knowing exactly which hours I’m available (read: awake) helps too. :P

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Bling Bling

Here finally is the promised picture of the jewelry I bought the other day. :P
Yes, it’s late but I’ve been incredibly busy. More actual photos of yours truly coming up soonish.
Bling Bling

I mainly wear the heart-shaped earrings, I like them a lot. They go well with the necklace too, which I wear, like, all the time. :) The long dangly ones are more occasionally worn and the studs (which are the ones that came with the necklace) I wear at night.

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