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Late night shopping.

Had another therapy session today, a late one at like 4pm. I managed to get there early. :P Talked about lots of stuff, like my ‘schedule’ I don’t really have. :/ I gotta start working on fixing that. He gave me homework again too, lol.

Anyway, we spent a good while talking as I was a bit early. I left at 5pm and decided to go shop around a bit. Amsterdam has a ton of neat stores, and you can be sure that in at least half of ‘m there’ll be a sale going on. I was running low on certain make-up so I bought a bunch of stuff: High Volume Waterproof Mascara, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, nail-polish, etc.. Almost all Maybelline brand and one Rimmel, which got me a dangly thingee for my phone. Too bad it doesn’t have hole to put it on so I gave it to Sha. :P

As I am seriously lacking on proper jewelry to wear I figured I’d look for some of that too. I’m really fond of gold (colored, unless I can afford it) with sparlies! I managed to find 2 sets of earrings, a very long dangly one and a pair of heart shaped studs. All with lots of sparlies of course. Also got myself a necklace, similar to the one I’ve been wearing but in gold. This also has a heart hanging on it, I think it’ll go well with those studs I just got. The necklace also came with 2 small studs, kinda neat. Oh! And I got another pair of earrings, which are kinda heavy, I’ll have to see if I can make some pics tomorrow.

This was all pretty cheap and I got them from various stores, like Nana and Tovli. I checked out Claire’s but didn’t find anything I liked really. I still want my ears pierced again, above my current holes. That way I can wear both studs and danglers at the same time. Or just 2 pairs of studs when I feel lazy. :P

I’ve also been looking for a good pair of low boots for a while now, but I can’t seem to find any that I like (and are affordable), so I didn’t succeed in that department. I did pas a store which had a huge sale going on, all shirts that were on the big table were only 1,99 EURO!! I grabbed a few that seemed good, I figured if they’re too big for me Lynda can wear ‘m. Some of them are really… unusual. Almost 80’s style with zippers and safety pins. They’re kewl tho. :)

That’s it for today, oh except for to say that I went out today with a different foundation. I normally use the Superstay Silky liquid foundation from Maybelline, but I’ve been experimenting with the L’Oreal ‘true match’ liquid one. While it works it certainly does.not.last. At least it was dark by that time. :P Wasn’t a total disaster mind you, but certainly not something that’ll last the day. The Maybelline one lasts for 16 hours. Yet, I do have my eye on another foundation I wanna try. It’s a liquid-creme, also from Maybelline. Maybe I’ll have more luck with that one.

Ok, really done now, lol. TTYL!

– Julie

Posted on October 16, 2008
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