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Past therapy.

When I started seeing my therapist, one of the first things he asked for was copies of all files of therapists I’ve seen in the past 2-3 years. I could not remember but he said the ‘log’ of the huisarts said I had seen a therapist twice in the past few years.

So I make the necessary calls and I get a lady that asks me a bunch of questions. I Had never been there, I was in the log for an initial meeting but it never came to that. I asked if I could have that in writing, which she thought was odd but she sent me a letter anyway. At least I’d have this to show my therapist. I was pretty worried about all this too, because I have no idea what past issues may cause trouble later when I try to get my green light from the Amsterdam VU.

Well at least it was nothing to worry about, right? Well flash forward a bit and I suddenly get a call from some hospital telling me I have a file lying there for me to pick up. Uh… What? See, I also called another place but when I asked for my file they were looking and could not find anything. So I thought that was that. So weeks later they call me to say they found it. Crap! Now I’m worried again. Well I just gotta remember it’s perfectly normal for T-girls to have ‘social problems’ in their past. Trouble to adjust, make friends, go out, and all that.

I asked if the could send it but they really want to see me so I have to pick it up in a few weeks (earliest they could make it) with I think whoever was my guy there I guess. If this is the one I remember I should not worry about it too much since it was just a one time meeting with a therapist that really didn’t know what to do with me. My mom was there too at the time and she agreed that it was best not to go there again.

It’ll be fun showing up as Julie having to pick up a private file for ‘another guy’. :P

Posted on September 28, 2008
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